1953 Chevy

This is the official "Bodish Chassis" car.  Built in it's entirety by Bodish Chassis from a neglected piece of rust to the show car you see today.  We wanted to show the innovative chassis design that makes our race cars the easiest cars to drive and the most structurally solid on the race track, even though it may not be the most aerodynamic body style on the planet.


I don't want to bore you with to many pictures of this build but suffice it to say this car took a lot of work.  Being this is the owner of the companies car, there was a great deal of attention to detail.   Quite a bit of thought went into this car.


Solid and safe.  That's the only way they leave the shop.


Just about ready to put the body on the chassis.  This is the time to finalize the exhaust exit as the headers go together.


Fitting the interior tin work and the exterior body panels.  Making sure to have all the tabs where they need to be so on final assembly everything goes smoothly.  It's to late after the chassis is painted.  Whether it's this car or a customers' car, we don't want to scratch fresh paint.


Right after the first coat of primer Jeff decided he wanted a fiberglass front end and deck lid.  There was only one builder for this body style and they offered a 1-piece front end which we had to modify to have a removable hood.  The time was well worth the final result.


This build was a lot of fun.  The decision to go with the fiberglass front end, the exhaust exit out the side and the numerous other modifications make this car what it is.  Everyone who sees the car agrees that Jeff went in the right direction and the consistency on the track further proves it.

Located in Somerville Texas between Austin and Houston.