1986 Dodge Daytona

Owner and driver Rick Vernon, who is a well respected home builder in the Houston Texas area, bought this beautiful car as a rolling chassis. It's a very well built car with the problem of putting the rear bumper on the track and twisting so voilently it would sometimes change lanes.


Installed an anti-roll bar to level the hard launches. Also squared the chassis and set the 4-link bars so the car would not lift more than about 9 inches out of the hole.


Added a front tow hook extension so you could actually reach it when hooking up the winch line to load the car on the trailer. It's the little details than seem to make things a lot easier.


500 cid Mopar with a whole bunch of horsepower and torque. Add that to a short wheel base car and if your not careful you could end up with a handful to drive.


Launched straight and level. Customer is very pleased with the way the car drives. It ran 5.90's here with some fuel issues that will need to be resolved and we expect it to run 5.70's.

Located in Somerville Texas between Austin and Houston.